Airlines Begin Flights To Shizuoka

Japan’s newest air hub, Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport, has opened for operations. Located 80 kilometers from Mount Fuji, the facility is intended to serve as an alternative airport to Tokyo’s crowded Narita and Haneda Airports for air travellers.


5 airlines currently operate scheduled services to Shizuoka. South Korea’s Asiana Airlines and Korean Air fly daily to Seoul Incheon International Airport while China Eastern Airlines flies to Shanghai 4 times a week. Japanese heavyweights All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines operate daily domestic services to Fukuoka, Naha and Sapporo, with flights to Kagoshima, Komatsu and Kumamoto to begin in July 2009.


Seoul – Shizuoka

Asiana Airlines flight OZ 126 departs Seoul Incheon International Airport at 0950 hrs, arriving in Shizuoka at 1145 hrs. The return flight, OZ 125, takes off from Japan at 1245 hrs and lands back in South Korea at 1450 hrs. A 2-class Airbus A321 aircraft with 12 Business and 165 Travel Class seats will operate the route.


Korean Air flight KE 779 departs Seoul at 0850 hrs and arrives in Shizuoka at 1045 hrs before returning as flight KE 780 at 1145 hrs, landing back in Incheon International Airport at 1355 hrs. The airline will utilize a 2-class Boeing 737-900 aircraft with 8 Prestige Class and 180 Economy Class seats for the flights.


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Shanghai – Shizuoka

China Eastern Airlines flight MU 2019 takes off from Shanghai Pudong International Airport on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 0930 hrs, landing in Shizuoka at 1250 hrs. The return flight, MU 2020, departs at 1350 hrs, arriving back in Shanghai at 1530 hrs.


The airline will operate a 2-class Airbus A319 aircraft with 8 Business and 114 Economy Class seats on Wednesdays and Sundays, switching to the larger A320 with 8 Business and 150 Economy Class seats on Mondays and Fridays.


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Shizuoka – Fukuoka

Japan Airlines will offer 3 daily flights between Shizuoka and Fukuoka.


Flight JL 3810 departs Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport at 0840 hrs, arriving in Fukuoka at 1015 hrs. The second flight, JL 3814, takes off at 1400 hrs for a 1535 hrs arrival into Fukuoka. Flight JL 3818 is the final flight of the day and departs Shizuoka at 1755 hrs, landing in Fukuoka at 1930 hrs.


On the return leg, flight JL 3811 departs Fukuoka at 0900 hrs to arrive in Shizuoka at 1025 hrs, followed by flight JL 3815, departing at 1205 hrs and landing in Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport at 1330 hrs. Flight JL 3819 departs Fukuoka at 1805 hrs and arrives in Shizuoka at 1930 hrs.


With the exception of JL 3814/3815, which is operated by the Embraer E170 aircraft with 78 Economy Class seats, all flights are flown with McDonnell Douglas MD-90 aircraft configured with 18 Business and 132 Economy Class seats.


Shizuoka – Naha

All Nippon Airways will offer a daily service to and from Naha, Okinawa. Flight NH 783 will depart Shizuoka daily at 1155 hrs to arrive in Okinawa at 1420 hrs before returning at 1445 hrs, landing in Shizuoka at 1700 hrs in the evening. A 2-class Boeing 737-700 configured with 8 Premium Class and 112 Economy Class seats will operate the route. 


Shizuoka – Sapporo

Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways will each offer 1 return flight daily between Shizuoka and Sapporo.


Flight JL 2857 departs Shizuoka in the morning at 1130 hrs, arriving in Shin Chitose Airport at 1315 hrs. The return flight, JL 2858, departs Sapporo at 1515 hrs and lands in Mount Fuji Shizuoka Airport at 1710 hrs. Japan Airlines will utilize the 2-class MD-90 aircraft on the route.


All Nippon Airways will operate an evening service to Sapporo from Shizuoka. Flight NH 781 departs at 1730 hrs daily, arriving in Shin Chitose Airport at 1900 hrs. On the return leg, the airline will fly a morning service with flight NH 782 departing Sapporo at 0940 hrs and arriving in Shizuoka at 1125 hrs. Both flights will be operated by 2-class, 120-seat Boeing 737-700 aircraft.


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