Antarctic Cruises From Hurtigruten

Expedition cruise line Hurtigruten is offering a series of Antarctic itineraries for 2011/2012 to allow cruisers to visit one of the world’s most remote destinations. Bookended by overnight stays in Buenos Aires, each cruise is augmented by lectures on topics including biology, history and geology from the expedition teams with in-depth knowledge of the area.


Operated by the line’s purpose-built, 12,700-GRT ms Fram, one of the world’s most sophisticated explorer ships, Hurtigruten’s Antarctic voyages offer high standards and comfort. Large public areas, a spacious observation lounge and outdoor areas on 2 decks afford vantage points to see nature up-close, while the informal onboard atmosphere, fitness room, outdoor jacuzzi and modern amenities make days at sea thoroughly enjoyable for travellers.


17-day Chilean Fjords and Antarctica

Affording a unique opportunity to visit the uninhabited islands, deep sounds, glaciers and narrow passages of the Chilean fjords, ms Fram spends 4 days sailing the Tierra del Fuego archipelago (an area unknown to all but a few expedition ships) with visits to the Beagle Channel, Cape Horn, the Magdalena Islands, Puerto Williams and Punta Arenas. The next 2 days are spent negotiating the famous Drake Passage, where the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet, soaking up the history and exploration tales of this infamous and legendary seaway.


Reaching Antarctica, cruisers will be awed by the magnificence of the planet’s last great wilderness and its crisp air, icebergs and majestic white mountain ranges. With no permanent human inhabitants, the continent is dedicated to scientific research of the environment and wildlife, including millions of penguins and thousands of whales. The expedition nature of the cruise is enhanced by ice, wind and weather dictating the ms Fram’s route and choice of landings before the ship returns to Ushuaia via the Drake Passage.


12-day Antarctic Discovery

Designed for travellers whose vacation times are limited to 2 or 3 weeks per year, this itinerary brings cruisers to experience the best of Antarctica’s summer magic and discover its wildlife that includes penguins, seals and whales. ms Fram will sail from Ushuaia on 3 January, 12 January and 14 February 2012 through the Drake Passage and into the Southern Ocean, spending 4 days on the continent where possible landing sites include Half Moon Island, Port Lockroy, Yankee Harbor and Wilhelmina Bay prior to turning north for the return journey. 


15-day Weddell Sea Adventure

Named after explorer Captain James Weddell, this cruise departing on 21 January 2012 promises unforgettable encounters with Antarctica’s huge, tabular icebergs. Sailing on the ms Fram, cruisers will be able to experience the vast emptiness that has remained largely unchanged since the days of Captain Weddell. As with all Antarctic cruises, the routing and final choice of landings will be determined by the experienced crew onboard.


A leader in expedition cruising, Hurtigruten sails to the most remote of destinations including Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic’s Spitsbergen. The line also operates year-round along the Norwegian coast and in Europe during Spring and Fall with its fleet of 14 vessels carrying between 100 and 646 passengers.


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