Gulf Air Receives New A330-200 With Communications Suite

Bahraini national carrier Gulf Air has added a new Airbus A330-200 aircraft fitted with an improved onboard communications suite to its fleet. The ‘Sky Hub’ system promises an improved inflight entertainment experience offering passengers full broadband and mobile connectivity, as well as a global live television service.


Two-way Broadband Internet Access

Gulf Air is offering two-way broadband internet connectivity at speeds of up to 50 Mbps onboard. By connecting to the inflight Wi-Fi network and logging in to the service through Deutsche Telekom, passengers will be able to enjoy faster browsing, chat and other internet-based services from their personal electronic devices. Business travellers will also able to access their virtual private network (VPN) to send and receive e-mails.


Mobile Voice and Data Service in Collaboration with AeroMobile

The airline has partnered inflight mobile service provider AeroMobile for the onboard mobile voice and data service. Passengers can use their mobile phone, smartphone or GSM-enabled device to call, text, e-mail, browse the internet and use other applications throughout the flight, allowing them to stay in touch with friends and family on the ground.


Live, Uninterrupted Television Streaming

Travellers will also have access to deeply immersive, content-rich entertainment in addition to live, uninterrupted television streaming on Gulf Air’s flights across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Channels offered include BBC World, BBC Arabic and Euronews for the latest news and stock market updates around the world, as well as the latest scores from IMG Media’s Barclays Premier League channel.


Gulf Air joins a growing number of airlines offering onboard connectivity solutions to passengers. The airline is progressively fitting the ‘Sky Hub’ system across its fleet of aircraft.


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