Japanese Low Cost Carrier Peach Takes To The Skies

Peach Aviation, Japan’s first low cost carrier, took to the skies today offering the proven formula of low-priced tickets and optional extras for a fee. Its inaugural flight, MM 101, departed Osaka (Kansai) at 0717 hrs for Sapporo (New Chitose), where it arrived at 0909 hrs and heralded a new era in the country’s air travel industry.


Backed by All Nippon Airways and utilizing purple-liveried, 180-seat Airbus A320 jets, Peach is targeting the Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) segment with service styled as “cute and cool” and sharply lower fares than legacy carriers. Prices for one-way tickets range from JPY 4,780 to JPY 14,780, which are competitive with shinkansen train services and expressway buses.


The airline will initially operate domestically to Sapporo and Fukuoka, adding flights to Nagasaki and Kagoshima next month.


Osaka (Kansai) – Sapporo (New Chitose)

4 daily flights will be offered on the popular Osaka – Sapporo route. Flight MM 101 departs Kansai International Airport at 0700 hrs in the morning, arriving at New Chitose International Airport at 0850 hrs before returning at 0920 hrs as flight MM 102 to land back in Osaka at 1135 hrs. A mid-morning service, flight MM 103 takes off from Osaka at 1005 hrs for a 1200 hrs arrival in Sapporo, with the aircraft turning around to operate the return flight MM 106 at 1230 hrs, arriving back in Osaka at 1440 hrs.


In the afternoons, flight MM 107, departs Kansai International Airport at 1425 hrs, arriving at New Chitose International Airport at 1615 hrs and returning to Osaka at 1645 hrs as flight MM 108, landing back at the central Japanese city at 1900 hrs in the evening. Flight MM 109 takes off from Osaka at 1740 hrs, landing in Sapporo at 1935 hrs before returning as flight MM 110 at 2005 hrs for a 2215 hrs arrival into Osaka. 


Osaka (Kansai) – Fukuoka

Peach will fly Osaka – Fukuoka 3 times daily, with 1 morning and 2 evening services. The first departure, flight MM 151, takes off at 0720 hrs and arrives in Fukuoka at 0835 hrs, where the aircraft will return to Osaka as flight MM 152 at 0905 hrs, landing at Kansai International Airport at 1005 hrs.


Flight MM 157 departs Kansai International Airport daily at 1725 hrs, arriving in Fukuoka at 1840 hrs and returning as flight MM 158 at 1910 hrs for a 2010 hrs arrival back in Osaka. The last service of the day, flight MM 159, takes off from Osaka at 1945 hrs and lands at Fukuoka Airport at 2100 hrs, with the aircraft operating the return flight MM 160 at 2130 hrs and arriving in Osaka at 2230 hrs.


Osaka (Kansai) – Nagasaki

Beginning 25 March 2012, Nagasaki will be served by 2 daily flights from Osaka. The first flight, MM 171, departs Kansai International Airport at 0640 hrs to arrive at Nagasaki Airport at 0755 hrs, with the return flight MM 172 departing at 0825 hrs for a 0935 hrs arrival back at Kansai International Airport. The second flight, MM 175, takes off from Osaka at 1415 hrs and lands at Nagasaki at 1530 hrs before returning to Osaka at 1600 hrs as flight MM 176, where it arrives at 1710 hrs.


Osaka (Kansai) – Kagoshima

Kagoshima will see double-daily service (1 morning and 1 afternoon flight) from 1 April 2012. Flight MM 193 departs Osaka at 1045 hrs, arriving in Kagoshima at 1155 hrs, while the return flight, MM 194, takes off Kagoshima Airport at 1225 hrs to land back at Kansai International Airport at 1330 hrs. Flight MM 197 takes off from Kansai International Airport at 1630 hrs to land at Kagoshima Airport at 1740 hrs, with the aircraft operating the return flight, MM 198, at 1810 hrs for a 1915 hrs arrival back in Osaka.


Peach has also announced plans for international services from May 2012, with flights to Seoul, Hong Kong and Taipei scheduled.


Osaka (Kansai) – Seoul (Incheon)

From 8 May 2012, flight MM 001 will depart Osaka at 0735 hrs, arriving in Seoul at 0925 hrs. The return flight, MM 002, takes off from Incheon International Airport at 1005 hrs to land back at Kansai International Airport at 1150 hrs.


Peach will then add 2 more flights, an afternoon and evening service, each day from 1 July 2012. Each afternoon, flight MM 005 departs Osaka at 1355 hrs for a 1545 hrs arrival in Seoul, returning as flight MM 006 at 1625 hrs before landing back at Kansai International Airport at 1810 hrs. In the evenings, flight MM 009 takes off from Japan at 1840 hrs to land at Incheon International Airport at 2030 hrs, turning around to operate flight MM 010 at 2110 hrs for a 2255 hrs landing back in Osaka.


Osaka (Kansai) – Hong Kong

Between Osaka and Hong Kong, Peach will operate 1 daily service from 1 July 2012. Flight MM 067 will take off from Kansai International Airport at 2110 hrs, landing at Hong Kong International Airport at 0005 hrs the next day before returning as flight MM 068 at 0050 hrs for a 0530 hrs arrival back in Osaka.


Osaka (Kansai) – Taipei (Taoyuan)

Beginning 30 September 2012, flight MM 021 will depart Osaka daily at 0700 hrs, arriving in Taipei at 0855 hrs. The aircraft turns around to operate the inbound flight MM 022 at 0935 hrs, landing back at Kansai International Airport at 1315 hrs.


Peach Aviation’s debut comes during a year where low cost air travel is expected to grow significantly in Japan. 2 other low cost carriers, AirAsia Japan and Jetstar Japan, are set to be launched in a bid to capture market share from incumbents Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways in the lucrative domestic travel market. 


For more information, visit www.flypeach.com.

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