New Nile Cruisers For Mövenpick

Swiss hospitality operator Mövenpick has announced that it will be growing its fleet of river cruisers sailing Egypt’s legendary River Nile. 5 more vessels, including a former royal yacht, will join the company’s 3 existing ships, making it the largest international operator cruising the famed waterway.


SS Misr

The flagship of the fleet, the SS Misr was built almost 100 years ago and was once the private yacht of King Farouk. Guests are taken back in time with her 24 individually-designed suites reflecting timeless eras of 18th century France, 19th century England, the grandeur of the Ottoman empire and the art deco style of the 1930.


As she sails along the river, cuisine from King Farouk’s favorite menus are served by staff in her graceful restaurants and bars. The regal atmosphere continues with artifacts to captivate the imagination preserved throughout the vessel, including letters from the king to his mother and phonographs to the meticulously maintained steam engine room.


Mövenpick SB Feddya

Exclusivity sets the Mövenpick SB Feddya apart from the rest of the fleet. A distinctive decor of stainless steel and silver pays homage to her name and the smaller size allows the vessel to access areas that larger river cruisers cannot.


The luxury dahabeya (traditional Egyptian sailboat) offers just 4 private suites with private patios and modern conveniences. Round-the-clock butler service and on-demand dining add to the intimacy of the experience as she traverses the water.


Mövenpick MS Hamees, Mövenpick MS Dakarum, Mövenpick MS Sun Ray

On the other end of the scale are the company’s larger river cruisers that foster a communal atmosphere throughout the voyage. Launched in 2001, the Mövenpick MS Hamees is one of the largest and most luxurious vessels cruising the River Nile with 72 cabins, a large dining room, lounge, bar and discotheque, reading room, swimming pool and sun deck. Offering similar facilities are the Mövenpick MS Dakarum and Mövenpick MS Sun Ray.


From April 2013, the Mövenpick fleet will again offer a long cruise voyage on the River Nile. Sailing between Cairo, Aswan and Luxor, guests will spend 14 nights soaking up the natural vistas and cultural attractions, many of which remain off the beaten path. These include the Hawara Pyramids of Amenemhet III, the Mausoleum of Isadora and Tel Elamarna, the royal city of the Pharaoh Akhenaten.


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