Virgin Atlantic Gains Heathrow Slots, Short-Haul Flights To Follow

Virgin Atlantic today announced it will soon begin short-haul services from London (Heathrow). While most airlines begin by flying nearer to home, the Crawley-based airline took a different approach operating inter-continental flights to popular business and holiday destinations instead.


28 years after its founding, the carrier has successfully secured all of the Heathrow slots given up by rival British Airways’ parent company International Airlines Group following its acquisition of BMI earlier this year. Targeting the former’s domestic and regional business, Virgin Atlantic has revealed a focus on serving Scotland, running multiple daily flights from London (Heathrow) to Aberdeen and Edinburgh.


A fleet of leased Airbus A320 jets will be used to operate the flights. Specific details on its short-haul product have not yet been released by the airline, but passengers can reasonably expect something similar to affiliates Virgin America and Virgin Australia.


Virgin Atlantic’s announcement today will benefit travellers based in the UK, offering greater choice for regional air travel. Crucially, as the airline builds its short-haul network, its long-haul operations and partner airlines will gain a feeder market that until now has been lacking in comparison to British Airways.


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