Tigerair Introduces New Destinations

Singapore-based low cost carrier Tigerair will expand its network with 4 new destinations from 29 October 2013, as it seeks to boost its regional presence following a recently-completed rebranding exercise. Aimed at the leisure market, Chiang Mai, Langkawi, Lijiang and Lombok join the list of destinations offered by the airline, with flights operated by 180-seat Airbus A320s.


Singapore – Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s deep Thai tradition, culture and natural beauty attract more than 5 million visitors each year. Tigerair will fly 4 times weekly beginning 2 November 2013, with outbound flight TR 2176 departing Singapore at 1520 hrs (Tuesdays) / 1355 hrs (Thursdays) / 1350 hrs (Saturdays) / 0840 hrs (Sundays) and arriving in Chiang Mai at 1720 hrs (Tuesdays) / 1550 hrs (Thursdays and Saturdays) / 1030 hrs (Sundays).  The return flight, TR 2177, takes off from Chiang Mai International airport at 1800 hrs (Tuesdays) / 1640 hrs (Thursdays) / 0840 hrs (Saturdays) / 1120 hrs (Sundays) to land back at Changi International Airport at 2200 hrs (Tuesdays) / 2045 hrs (Thursdays) / 1030 hrs (Saturdays) / 1520 hrs (Sundays).


Singapore – Langkawi

With its picturesque landscapes and wide range of resorts, Langkawi has long been a popular vacation destination. Tigerair flight TR 2476 will depart Changi International Airport from 8 November 2013 at 1305 hrs (Mondays) / 1945 hrs (Wednesdays) / 2015 hrs (Fridays) and 2010 hrs (Sundays), arriving at Langkawi International Airport at 1430 hrs (Mondays) / 2115 hrs (Wednesdays) / 2145 hrs (Fridays and Sundays). On the return sector, flight TR 2477 takes off from Langkawi at 1510 hrs (Mondays) / 2155 hrs (Wednesdays) / 2225 hrs (Fridays and Sundays), landing back in Singapore at 1630 hrs (Mondays) / 2325 hrs (Wednesdays) / 0005 hrs (Saturdays) and 2355 hrs (Sundays).


Singapore – Lijiang

Located in China’s Yunnan Province, the 800-year old city of Lijiang and its well-preserved Old Town surrounded by breathtaking snow mountains and crystal-clear streams is a UNESCO World Heritage Site drawing the attention of travellers. Flying 3 times fortnightly, Tigerair flight TR 2922 will take off from Singapore at 0920 hrs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, landing in Lijiang at 1325 hrs. Return flight TR 2923 departs Lijiang Sanyi Airport at 1420 hrs before arriving back at Changi International Airport at 1945 hrs, with a 35-minute stopover in Chiang Rai enroute.


Singapore – Lombok

Often referred to as the “Unspoilt Bali”, Lombok attracts visitors to its white sandy beaches, dive spots and the slopes of Mount Rinjani. Flight TR 2266 will depart Singapore at 0855 hrs (Mondays) / 1530 hrs (Wednesdays) / 1050 hrs (Fridays), arriving in Lombok at 1135 hrs (Mondays) / 1815 hrs (Wednesdays) / 1355 hrs (Fridays), before the aircraft returns as flight TR 2267 at 1215 hrs (Mondays) / 1855 hrs (Wednesdays) / 1415 hrs (Fridays) for a 1500 hrs (Mondays) / 2145 hrs (Wednesdays) / 1640 hrs (Fridays) arrival back at Changi International Airport.


For more information, visit www.tigerair.com.

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