Korail Restarts DMZ Train Service

South Korean rail operator Korail has resumed operations of its DMZ Train between Seoul Station and Dorasan Station near the 38th parallel, the most heavily militarized border in the world. The first train pulled out of Seoul Station on 4 May 2014 for the first time in 6 years.


Operating twice a day with departures from Seoul at 0830 hrs and 1340 hrs, the train allows visitors to travel through the untouched natural landscape of the Korean Demilitarized Zone, arriving in Dorasan Station at 0950 hrs and 1505 hrs. As the journey enters the Civilian Control Zone, visitors will be required to complete an application and present a valid form of identification for access.


Comprising 3 compartments christened “Peace”, “Freedom” and “Unity”, the lead car is designed in the image of a rusty and bullet-riddled steam locomotive symbolizing the Korean War with images of the Mugunghwa, South Korea’s national flower. Inside, it serves as a rolling museum with photos of the conflict and the ecosystem of the DMZ.


Available at each stations, tickets are priced at KRW 8,700 / KRW 8,900 for adults and KRW 6,100 / KRW 6,200 for children per direction on weekdays and weekends respectively. Tourists can also purchase a DMZ Plus ticket which includes unlimited rides and discounted admission to tourist attractions in Seoul.


For more information, visit www.korail.com/en/.


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