Qantas Plans Upgrade Of B737s

Australian carrier Qantas will refurbish its Boeing 737-800 fleet next year, adding more seats and its wireless Q Streaming inflight entertainment system. 38 of the airline’s older narrow-body jets will be upgraded progressively, joining 29 existing aircraft fitted with seatback monitors and video on-demand.


Through changes to the galley and lavatory space, an extra row of 6 seats will be fitted to the jets, boosting the total seat count onboard to 174 seats while not compromising on seat pitch and personal space. The overall cabin environment will also be refreshed with new fittings.


Qantas’ Q Streaming wireless inflight entertainment, already found onboard its Boeing 717s and Boeing 767s, will be refitted to the refurbished Boeing 737s which currently offer inflight entertainment via overhead screens and radio channels. Passengers will be able to view on-demand content from their own laptops, tablets or smartphones with the system and pending approval from the authorities, be allowed to use portable electronic devices in flight mode during all phases of the flight.


The refurbishment work is scheduled to begin in mid-2015 and expected to be completed by mid-2016.


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