Eurostar Presents First Remodeled Train

Eurostar has revealed its first remodeled e300 trainset, a preview of what passengers may expect onboard as the cross-border high speed rail operator prepares to introduce new rolling stock.

Currently being refurbished at the SNCF Hellemmes Technicentre in Lille, the Class 373 trains have been in service since the launch of Eurostar in 1994. Famed Italian design house Pininfarina was responsible for the new-look interiors and seats, which sport a clean-cut grey, navy and white colour scheme with lime green accents. The refurbishment also saw the installation of Wi-Fi connectivity onboard (although this will not be activated until the delivery of the new Siemens Velaro e320 trainsets for product commonality).

To match the Velaro fleet, each refreshed e300 will sport a revised livery. The first of the new e320 trainsets is currently in the final stage of testing and is expected to enter service from the end of this year.
Eurostar has not yet finalised how many of the 28 existing trainsets will be refurbished, with a decision expected once the Velaros are in service.

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