Now Open: Hoshinoya Tokyo

Hoshino Resorts has opened the new Hoshinoya Tokyo, in the Japanese capital’s upmarket Otemachi district.


Nestled among steel and glass office towers between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace, the city’s first luxury ryokan blends its traditional Japanese heritage with urban modernity. Unlike many of Tokyo’s luxury branded hotels it is set to challenge, Hoshinoya Tokyo occupies its own 17-storey tower encased in a black metal grid repeating a traditional kimono motif.


Inside, a dramatic double-height genkan entrance with a seasonal flower display, indigo walls, sliding paper screens and expanses of aromatic Japanese wood continue the indigenous decor. To accentuate the privacy and atmosphere of the luxury ryokan, the 84 guestrooms are divided into groups of 6 across 14 floors, with each having its own ochanoma lounge that serves as a living and dining room where snacks, tea and seasonal sakes are served by the staff at the communal table. A mosaic of seamless tatami mats covers the floor from the lounge to the guestrooms via a single hallway, further enhancing the feel of exclusivity.


Bamboo closets and shoji paper sliding doors give the accommodations a traditional aesthetic, yet featuring sleek, modern amenities. The Yuri and Sakura rooms are furnished with either a twin or double bed with white futon mattresses, while the corner Kiku rooms have space for 3 beds. Every room also has its own glass-encased bathroom, with a separate bathtub and shower stall. Additionally, guests enjoy the use of the ryokan’s hot spring on the top floor, fed by the alkaline waters from the underground Otemachi hot spring that help reduce fatigue and revitalize the body’s core.


Dining is integral to the ryokan experience and the basement level restaurant is helmed by rising star chef Noriyuki Hamada, bronze medalist at the 2013 Bocuse d’Or world chef championship. Widely acclaimed for his unique nature-inspired French cuisine that incorporates Japanese artisanship, culinary skills, and ingredients, the menu includes a strong selection of dishes, ranging from the exquisite to simple comfort food in the form of an original Hoshinoya curry with Japanese spices. In the mornings, both Japanese and western options are served in a tiered wooden box, either in-room or in the ochanoma lounge.


For recreation, Hoshinoya Tokyo offers an in-house spa for guests. The massage rirituals are combined with stretching exercises, hot spring dips, and oil treatments. Beyond the ryokan, guests may embark on a 90-minute walking tour of Tokyo’s historical sites and monuments led by a cultural historian.


Founded in 1904 as a forestry business and later a hot spring resort operator in Karuizawa, the rebranded Hoshino Resorts today boasts a presence across Japan with 35 properties across the Hoshinoya, Kai and Risonare brands.


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