Lufthansa Presents New A350

Lufthansa has presented its first Airbus A350, the newest addition to its fleet, in a launch ceremony held at the Lufthansa Technik hangar in Munich.


Invited guests and members of the media joined Lufthansa Group CEO Carsten Spohr, Bavarian Finance Minister Dr. Markus Söder, Munich Airport CEO Dr. Michael Kerkloh and Airbus CEO Thomas Enders for the showcase of the advanced jet and its features. Christened the City of Nuremberg, the aircraft is the first of 25 for Lufthansa and is configured in a 3-class layout to operate long-haul flights.


The German carrier has placed an emphasis on passenger comfort over revolutionary features in its interior styling, courtesy of London-based design consultancy PearsonLloyd. While the business and premium economy seats are enhancements of proven cabin products already seen on other aircraft types such as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747-8,  an all-new economy class seat and intelligent lighting system looks to set it apart from its fleetmates.


Familiarity for Business Class with Some Added Surprises

Business class comprises 48 seats and is spread across 2 cabins, retaining the familiar 2-2-2 layout. Taking advantage of the A350’s improved cabin diameter and larger windows, the outboard seat pairs are angled towards the windows for a better view outside, while the middle pairs are angled inwards making them ideal for couples. Although still lacking direct aisle access for all passengers, the personal screen is now much larger and complemented by a refreshed inflight entertainment system.


New to Lufthansa is the business class self-service bar, located near the galley between the 2 cabins. This is set up by the cabin crew after takeoff and stocked with snacks and drinks.


Premium Economy – Comfort and Practicality

Immediately behind business class is a compact premium economy cabin. 3 rows of seats are arranged 2-3-2, offering a 38-inch seat pitch and better recline. These seats are also valued for their improved seat width – up to an inch wider with a further 4 inches of shoulder space from a larger armrest and a center console.


A 12-inch personal screen and well-positioned headphone sockets make it easy to enjoy the onboard entertainment content. Adjustable headrests and footrests provide extra support and comfort for passengers, while features such as a water bottle holder, electrical outlets and storage spaces add the practicality demanded by the modern traveller.


A Brand New Economy Class

With the A350, Lufthansa introduces a new economy class centered around an aesthetically-pleasing colour palette and clever lighting to make the cabin appear more spacious. New ergonomic seats upholstered in various shades of blue replace the airline’s traditional navy and yellow colour scheme,  becoming lighter toward the center of the cabin.


Apart from its smart looks, each seat is better padded for added comfort and offers 31 inches of pitch. The 224 seats are configured in a proven 3-3-3 layout, with an 18-inch seat width.


Lufthansa has scheduled Boston and Delhi to be the first destinations served by the advanced jets, which will also be equipped with its FlyNet onboard Wi-Fi. Its first 10 aircraft will be based out of Munich, replacing the older Airbus A340-300s as part of the German airline’s fleet renewal plans.


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